Thursday, 28 March 2013

Motel Illustration Contest

 Last week I submitted an illustration to a competition that Motel were running, and I'm pleased to say that I am one of the top 10 finalists! The winner will be announced next week, and you can view all the finalists on their facebook page.

I really liked the feminine shape of their Catalina dresses, in particular the tonal floral one, and wanted to do something playful to represent it.

Friday, 8 March 2013

Newest dog portraits.

Here is the latest dog portrait I have worked on, finished off a few days ago. It is done with Ink and watercolour and is about 25 x 32cm.

Oh and also a couple of others that I painted last year, but forgot to share! The first is a private commission done in ink and watercolour, the second is oil and was painted for Eastern Counties C.K.C.S from a selection of members photos:

Finally, every year I donate a painting (or paintings) to the event Dachshund of the Year, which are auctioned off to raise money for the event. Here is one I did for this years DOTY, which is was around A5-ish in size:

I'm always happy to paint portraits of any pets, just drop me a line at

Tuesday, 5 March 2013


A few sketchbook pages that I don't think I have shared yet...

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Sacrifice iii (Redone)

So I went back and redrew Sacrifice iii as I wasn't happy with the first... the goat just looked really happy and a bit creepy, which just didn't really work. I also added in the monoprint texture to the background which I think goes well, so i'll probably go back and edit the other two as well so they match.
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