Sunday, 17 February 2013

A commissioned dog portrait, from start to finish.

Well, almost from start to finish. I always find it interesting looking at work in progress sketches of other artists work, and thought i'd share these of a commissioned portrait of two dogs that I recently completed. 

There is no photo of the image just pencilled out, as there isn't really much to see at that first stage. I usually try to clean up the pencil and keep it as simple and sharp as possible, just so I don't follow the wrong lines. And a little tip for anyone who is interested in painting dogs (or other animals for that matter) is definitely DON'T rush the pencilling stage. If you don't spend enough time scaling up properly, then you won't end up with a painting that looks like the actual dog... which is kinda important when someone commissions a portrait of their pet!

This is the first photo I took and you can see I had already started inking the image and laying down a bit of flat colour. When doing a painting in watercolour I always like to use an ink pen, as I think its nice to be able to add in some very fine line work as a base... which works quite well with a painting like this when you want to create a fur texture.

(Messy) workspace.

At this point I had continued the inking and started to add in more colour. You can't really see from the photos but I also used brown ink as well as black for the linework, as I didn't want to darken the dogs down too much (as they are both meant to be a chocolate colour)

At this point I just had to add in the final bits of shading, and then the highlights which I always do last. And sort out the background of course!

And heres the a scan of final painting! :

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