Monday, 4 June 2012

Edward Scissorhands Alternative Movie Poster

I decided to enter London Print Clubs competition 'Blisters - The Directors Cut' to produce an alternative movie poster of my favourite film, Edward Scissorhands.

The thing I really wanted to capture was the emotion in the film, the isolation and sadness of the character. Whenever I see the film I always feel really sorry for Edward, as he is very naive and never purposely does anything wrong, yet still ends up being hated and chased at the end of the film. The community seem to use him as a scapegoat whenever they cause anything to go wrong, and would rather see him as a monster than the kind person he is.

Anyway below is my final image, which I chose as I felt it captured the emotion that I wanted. I drew the hands as if they are the viewers own, in order to make it more personal to them, and stuck to just a simple black and white. I used the metaphor of the hands being cut to symbolise the community hurting him, but also the 'disability' he has with his hands. Finally, the brief didn't allow the use of the films title, so instead I chose the line 'you can't touch anything without destroying it' which I felt sums up the film perfectly.

Below is also another poster I produced and quite liked, although I rejected it as I felt it didn't have the sadness in it that the first has.


Nina Jørgensen said...

love the black and white one!!

Supercords said...

Terrific stuff! I prefer the one in color myself, but I get what you mean about the sadness.


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