Saturday, 3 March 2012

More Triumph Work

I felt that although the previous colouring I did on my drawing gave a more refined look, it made it a bit boring. I went back to my sketchbook and did another quick experiment with pens, trying out brighter and unnatural colours. Instead of sticking to pinks and underwear related colours, I wanted to just try and make the image look more fun and lively, to give more of a youthful feel.

I next had a go at drawing out the separate elements, the tape measures and bras, and scanned them in, adding them to my original drawing (I thought it might be best to leave off the boobs). I then had a go at laying down some quick flat colours :
And some variations:

Setting the colours to 40-45% opacity, so as to tone the colours down and give a more hand drawn feel :
And one last variation, with just the colour of the pencil drawings be altered:
I quite like these variations, and think the unnatural colours work a lot better than the previous colouring experiments I did, by making them look a lot more interesting but still refined. 
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