Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Digital Colour

I have had a go at adding some really quick digital colour to my drawing. I kept with more natural colours, and left the hair white as I thought it made a nice contrast. Although I felt the colouring looked a bit too strong, so I decided to alter the opacity to make it a bit paler and allow the pencil to shine through more, keeping more of a hand drawn feeling...

I then had a go at adding some really simple colour to the background - I chose pink as I wanted to keep a feminine feel to it, but also because pink is a popular colour choice for underwear.

Although this is still obviously too simple, I think if I drew some more elements and added them in, and put some things in the hands it would look better. I also had a quick go at adding a lace texture to the background, to link in with the underwear concept, although could only find some small images on the web... if I want to do that i'll probably have to scan in some lace myself to get my own texture.

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