Monday, 27 February 2012

Development and Ideas

I first started developing my work by doing lots of photocopies of my collages and working into them... nothing really too exciting, just playing around with compositions and quick drawings on top of them, like this -

From here I had a go at re-drawing them. I wasn't too sure with how to add the colour in, so I tried just simply using coloured pencils then shading over the top. I stuck with more natural colours, and had a go at keeping some bits just black and white, although I felt this looked a bit boring.

I then went back to my sketchbook and did a few colour experiments, just to try out a few different techniques. I had a go at just using bright coloured pencils, and felt tips with pencil over the top. Although I like the vibrancy and effect of these I felt it wasn't quite right for the brand, and that something more polished would reflect them better.

So from here I have gone back to just sketching out one of the collages in pencil, and Im going to have a go at digitally colouring it, to get that more 'polished' feel. I think my main aim is to create something interesting and unique, but still looking elegant, which hopefully this will be nearer to once it is coloured!

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