Thursday, 10 November 2011

More Sketchbook

A few images from my sketchbook for my Human and Animal Relationship project. I have started trying to take my images forward a little bit and think more about concepts, and what meaning I want to put in them. I also looked back at the historical uses of animals, and looked at Anglo-Saxon England and Paganism, which was interesting.

That last one is really quick drawing where I was trying to develop an idea - I keep coming back to the current climate change crisis while researching my project, and how it is predicted there will be a crash and decrease in human population. I thought it would be interesting to imagine this future Earth where we have been effectively thrown back, maybe people will become more religious or become 'closer to nature'. I thought it could be nice to really run away with the idea and design characters like this, maybe strange shamanistic creatures or something. I don't know... I still have to decide what overall meaning I want to portray in the final outcome.


Lucy said...

wowee these are lovely!!! I love the owl especially

Sarah said...

Great sketches! My favorite is the owl, but these are all so nicely done :)

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