Wednesday, 2 November 2011


Heres a little experiment where I have been trying to develop my ideas. I redrew out some of my bear drawings to get a better composition going, then scanned in some extra drawings to represent hunting and deforestation. I was going to add more in, but I thought it was already starting to get full so have left it like this... plus it is only an experiment so I don't want to spend ages on it at this point! I was also going to colour it, which I still might do if I have the time... or maybe not.

It doesn't look it, but just getting this illustration this far has somehow taken DAYS.

To quickly see what the image would look like with colour I quickly printed off a copy and got out my felt pens. I thought it might be interesting to apply really unnatural colours, in order to make it look really appealing and decorative, to contrast with the more negative theme.

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