Monday, 28 November 2011

Cedric Laquieze

I have just come across these gorgeous sculptures by Cedric Laqieze. I already really like taxidermy but these animals covered in flowers are amazing, its interesting how covering them in something so pretty can make them look even more creepy!

The World As We Know It Is Changing.

I'm making good progress with my uni project in that I have it all kinda mapped out and my narrative sorted, all I need to do now is produce the final pieces. I know that I wanted to include some prints in my final series of images, although when I have worked with monoprints previously I have just worked mainly with one colour... Therefore I produced a few quick experiments just from images in my sketchbook, trying out layering bright colours.

Thursday, 10 November 2011

More Sketchbook

A few images from my sketchbook for my Human and Animal Relationship project. I have started trying to take my images forward a little bit and think more about concepts, and what meaning I want to put in them. I also looked back at the historical uses of animals, and looked at Anglo-Saxon England and Paganism, which was interesting.

That last one is really quick drawing where I was trying to develop an idea - I keep coming back to the current climate change crisis while researching my project, and how it is predicted there will be a crash and decrease in human population. I thought it would be interesting to imagine this future Earth where we have been effectively thrown back, maybe people will become more religious or become 'closer to nature'. I thought it could be nice to really run away with the idea and design characters like this, maybe strange shamanistic creatures or something. I don't know... I still have to decide what overall meaning I want to portray in the final outcome.

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

First Prints

A few prints done from my sketchbook drawings, I have a lot more that I still have to scan in, and a lot more that I still want to work into.

Here is one so far that I have worked into a little bit, with a theme of 'Deforestation' as this was one of the causes of Bears becoming extinct in England:


Heres a little experiment where I have been trying to develop my ideas. I redrew out some of my bear drawings to get a better composition going, then scanned in some extra drawings to represent hunting and deforestation. I was going to add more in, but I thought it was already starting to get full so have left it like this... plus it is only an experiment so I don't want to spend ages on it at this point! I was also going to colour it, which I still might do if I have the time... or maybe not.

It doesn't look it, but just getting this illustration this far has somehow taken DAYS.

To quickly see what the image would look like with colour I quickly printed off a copy and got out my felt pens. I thought it might be interesting to apply really unnatural colours, in order to make it look really appealing and decorative, to contrast with the more negative theme.

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