Tuesday, 21 June 2011


Just wondering what would happen if the two Mink on this stole fell out with each other. It must be difficult, you know, seeing as they are stitched together.

Oh and a taxidermy duck, from my trip up to Scotland.

Sunday, 12 June 2011

A few new Commissions.

A couple of illustrations done to accompany an article in Dog World about Companion Shows, focusing on the 'Fancy Dress' novelty class. I thought it would be nice to keep them light hearted to suit the mood of the shows, and to have the two fit together... so you have a 'Princess' and a 'Frog'.

Oh and my initial drawings in my sketchbook for these two. I thought the Bichon looked cute, the Pomeranian obvious needs more work on the face although my main aim was just to make sure that they worked in the outfits, as I had to piece them together from several references:

Another private commission I finished a little while ago is another cute Basset Hound. Bassets are always so lovely to draw :) My scanner blurred the image slightly in the middle, its always a shame that paintings scanned in never look as good as their originals.

Life Drawings

A few pages from my sketchbook of life drawings done of my dogs last week. The first page are all of my baby Charles, in his many sleeping positions.

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