Friday, 8 April 2011

Vintage Adverts, Posters and Photographs

As I explained in my previous post I am going with a vintage but contemporary feel for my zine as I feel this will appeal most to my target audience, and I want it to be interesting and have a playful and lighthearted feel so that it doesn't threatening to the reader, as I feel this subject can often be a little intimidating and depressing. 

So I have collected a selection of Vintage Posters, Photos and Adverts picturing fur, but also some without it, to give me a feel and inspiration for the look of my zine. 

I really like this advert, the type, composition and photograph are excellently done

I believe this photo is taken at a Silver Fox Fur Farm in England

I wonder if they really sold lion and tiger fur coats?! 

The expression on this womans face makes me laugh, she looks so unamused! Maybe she didn't like the fur?

These are nice illustrations, although I'm not too sure about the girl on the top left!

Another for The International Fur Store - it seems they also sold Polar Bear Fur!

I really like the type used in this one

Oh and a few more Vintage 'Burlesque' posters that have lovely imagery and compositions and are similar in style, that I had on my laptop from when I did These Designs last year :

I love this one, the colours, text, and a cart driven by lobsters??? How fantastic!

I love how playful this composition is :)

Again, fantastic typography, imagery and design

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