Saturday, 9 April 2011

A quick look at Pro-Fur and Anti-Fur Illustrations.

Its a bit difficult trying to find illustrations surrounding this subject, as it seems most companies/organizations use photography, I guess because photography can be more graphic or show the texture of fur better than a drawing/painting.

Anyway, Anti-Fur:

Design Against Fur by Tara Jacoby

I think this is very well done, I love how she has combined the classic fashion illustration with the anti-fur subject, and the symbolism of the blood dripping from the pelts caging the bunny.

Anti-Fur Series by Poonam Mistry

Another for Design Against Fur, I'm not sure who the artist is

Pro-Fur : 
Fur Fashion by Scott Carmichael
Well, I think this is Pro-Fur, it was for an article on Origin Assured Fur. The way I see it, it shows how the consumer is conscious on how the animals making her clothes were raised, and by buying OA she knows they were treated humanely.

Series of Lino/Screen Prints entitled by Hayley Wall


HAJiME said...

The series of images look like they were inspired by watership down.

Emma Black said...

Yes they do look a bit like watership down! They remind me a little of the woodblock prints that you would see in story books, like an Aesops Fables sort of thing :)

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