Sunday, 3 April 2011

More Fur Research

I found this video online, which contains a really interesting debate about the Fur Industry between Someone from the Canadian Fur Council and someone from PETA; sparked off by a Canadian Politician sending out Christmas Cards of him and his family wearing fur.
(the video starts at about 22 minutes)

While researching the topic of Fur I also came across this survey "Half of women have no problem wearing fur", which contains some really interesting statistics about the British Public...

Respondents to the study were initially asked the question, “Would you wear real fur?” The majority, 52% of female respondents selected the answer, “Yes- I’d have no problem with wearing real fur;” with only 21% comparatively stating, “No- I would never wear real fur.” The remaining 27% of respondents selected that they were “Unsure- it depends on the fur/ clothing item.” 

Those who stated that they were “unsure” were asked to stipulate further what they meant by this. A quarter, 27%, explained that they would only wear the fur of selective animals; whilst one in five, 21%, stated that they would only wear real fur if they knew the animal was killed in a ‘humane’ way

However, it should be noted that although a relatively large amount of women took part, the survey was conducted on a fashion website... and I think women with a keen interest in fashion are more likely to wear fur than others who are more indifferent to fashion. 

Still, a recurring theme it seems is that many people want this reassurance that animals used for fur are not being put through unnecessary suffering, although from doing plenty of research it seems that the Fur Industry are in fact achieving this, but a false message is being spread by extremist animal rights groups staging videos and photos and creating sensationalist propaganda, creating many different "Fur Myths" - wether you believe this statement or not obviously depends on wether you believe in animal rights! I have read many websites and posts about videos being circulated that are false, or not a true indication of the industry at all, written by ordinary people who have first hand research. I myself support animal welfare and do not agree with unnecessary suffering, although due to past experiences I can not support animal rights groups. However I do still feel everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and respect those who wish to go down the animal rights road. 

Finally, I will leave you with this blog post which I think is one of the most sensible statements I have read so far while researching this project! Hooray for vintage!

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