Friday, 15 April 2011

Foxy Drawings

A few of the initial drawings from my sketchbook for my fur project. I have been focusing on foxes mostly as not only are they one of the most commonly used animals for furs, but they are also much more recognisable than minks, sable, muskrat, etc.


Anonymous said...

Such lovely drawings Emma! I've been looking at some of your recent posts, and it looks like you've been doing quite a bit of research. It's great to see so much passion. Can't wait to see how the finished product evolves. By the way, I love cool mask in your profile pic. Such a great idea that someone came up with!

Emma Black said...

Thanks a lot! I find the subject of fur really interesting, so I'm glad that has been coming across!

And yes that mask is awesome :) I saw it and had to buy it, sadly though I haven't had the opportunity to wear it that much!

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