Friday, 29 April 2011

Clothing Hang Tags

I decided to create some hang tags for my project, which could be attached to fur coats in shops when being sold. They will be themed (so a fox one for a fox fur, etc) and contain on them a brief bit of information or a fur 'myth', so that people browsing in a shop will look at them (as most people look at the tags on clothing to see the price) and can become more informed. Obviously I won't be able to get enough information on the tags, so they will contain a link to a website with more info which I will do some designs for, and if I have time I may create more flyers etc which could be by the tills to be picked up. 

Anyway, I was looking on the internet for ideas and found these scans of lovely antique tags, and I think a similar vintage style would work really well as many fur coats are vintage, so they would really appeal to my target audience.

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