Friday, 29 April 2011

Clothing Hang Tags

I decided to create some hang tags for my project, which could be attached to fur coats in shops when being sold. They will be themed (so a fox one for a fox fur, etc) and contain on them a brief bit of information or a fur 'myth', so that people browsing in a shop will look at them (as most people look at the tags on clothing to see the price) and can become more informed. Obviously I won't be able to get enough information on the tags, so they will contain a link to a website with more info which I will do some designs for, and if I have time I may create more flyers etc which could be by the tills to be picked up. 

Anyway, I was looking on the internet for ideas and found these scans of lovely antique tags, and I think a similar vintage style would work really well as many fur coats are vintage, so they would really appeal to my target audience.

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Fashion Illustration (Fur Project)

I have been having a go at trying to give my fur drawings a bit of a fashion illustration feel. I like how they have turned out although I think they lack boldness... its been so long since I have done any fashion illustration.

Anyway, I'm having a few second thoughts about my final outcome being a zine, mainly because (as anyone keeping up to date with my posts about this project will realise) it seems that 90% of it is all information about the fur industry. If I produced a zine I am going to have to spend a lot of time working on the text, and there will be a lot of it as I will want it to be very thorough. Although that means either making one massive zine, or having the text dominate and spend a lot of time working on hand drawn text, which I don't really want to do. Say, if I wanted to do a section about fur myths, I could space the text over several pages to get a nice balance of text and image, although as it would take a lot of time I would probably only be able to do maybe a couple of spreads which would end up text heavy and not appealing to my audience, more like an essay.

Well, I still have a few weeks left to produce my outcome, all my other work has been finished off (including my essay for my other module) so I can dedicate my remaining time to producing something really nice. I just need a little think about what that may be!

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Gold Leaf Jewellery!

Heres a look at a personal project I have been working on - gold leaf doggy themed jewellery! It started off as something I was messing around with in my spare time, and evolved into a whole collection with lots of different designs... I guess in a way its kind of a continuation of the greetings cards I produced last year, that project kinda started me off and gave me the inspiration. 

Anyway, I only have a few pieces available at the moment, which can be bought via my Etsy Shop, as they take so long to produce. Although when I have a little more spare time i'll be adding more designs :)

Saturday, 16 April 2011

A Third off Everything In my Etsy Shop!

This Weekend you can get a Third off everything in my Etsy Shop! Just enter the Coupon Code 'WEEKENDSALE' at the Checkout to receive 33% off all items :) (Offer will end Midnight on Sunday)

Friday, 15 April 2011

Foxy Drawings

A few of the initial drawings from my sketchbook for my fur project. I have been focusing on foxes mostly as not only are they one of the most commonly used animals for furs, but they are also much more recognisable than minks, sable, muskrat, etc.

Saturday, 9 April 2011

A quick look at Pro-Fur and Anti-Fur Illustrations.

Its a bit difficult trying to find illustrations surrounding this subject, as it seems most companies/organizations use photography, I guess because photography can be more graphic or show the texture of fur better than a drawing/painting.

Anyway, Anti-Fur:

Design Against Fur by Tara Jacoby

I think this is very well done, I love how she has combined the classic fashion illustration with the anti-fur subject, and the symbolism of the blood dripping from the pelts caging the bunny.

Anti-Fur Series by Poonam Mistry

Another for Design Against Fur, I'm not sure who the artist is

Pro-Fur : 
Fur Fashion by Scott Carmichael
Well, I think this is Pro-Fur, it was for an article on Origin Assured Fur. The way I see it, it shows how the consumer is conscious on how the animals making her clothes were raised, and by buying OA she knows they were treated humanely.

Series of Lino/Screen Prints entitled by Hayley Wall

Friday, 8 April 2011

Vintage Adverts, Posters and Photographs

As I explained in my previous post I am going with a vintage but contemporary feel for my zine as I feel this will appeal most to my target audience, and I want it to be interesting and have a playful and lighthearted feel so that it doesn't threatening to the reader, as I feel this subject can often be a little intimidating and depressing. 

So I have collected a selection of Vintage Posters, Photos and Adverts picturing fur, but also some without it, to give me a feel and inspiration for the look of my zine. 

I really like this advert, the type, composition and photograph are excellently done

I believe this photo is taken at a Silver Fox Fur Farm in England

I wonder if they really sold lion and tiger fur coats?! 

The expression on this womans face makes me laugh, she looks so unamused! Maybe she didn't like the fur?

These are nice illustrations, although I'm not too sure about the girl on the top left!

Another for The International Fur Store - it seems they also sold Polar Bear Fur!

I really like the type used in this one

Oh and a few more Vintage 'Burlesque' posters that have lovely imagery and compositions and are similar in style, that I had on my laptop from when I did These Designs last year :

I love this one, the colours, text, and a cart driven by lobsters??? How fantastic!

I love how playful this composition is :)

Again, fantastic typography, imagery and design

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