Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Zine Project - Ideas

I was given a new uni project yesterday to create a Zine, to start it off we had to take 6 photographs and use them to construct a narrative for the Zine. So yesterday I went out and got some snaps from around Harrow and where I live at uni. However I felt they looked a bit boring, so I had a go at running them through Poladroid in order to give them a nice sunny and vintage feel. I love the way this exaggerates all the colours and makes even boring and kinda rank photos (which some of them are) looks much more dreamy and interesting. 

I was satisfied with how these turned out, although I don't know how easily I could construct a narrative out of them. As we can used a mixed media for the Zine, I then headed into town to have a look round the charity shops to hunt for books I could cut up and use for collage. In one of the shops I found this cool Seashore book, which was filled with lots of lovely scientific illustrations and interesting photos full of colour and interesting patterns. In a way these reminded me of my photos... I can almost imagine the plants and trees as seaweed and underwater plants, with the shadows all the rocks and the splashes of colour little fish.

I thought that although these images are lovely and the sea can be very beautiful, it can also be very dangerous... not just with the dangerous animals like sharks and jellyfish which can harm you but also with the recent devastation that has happened in Japan. This got me thinking about using an 'appearances can be deceptive' theme, which obviously I could take a lot further and really develop in depth, although as we only have three and a half days to do the project I think I will stick to focusing on the sea! Its a shame it isn't a larger project as then I could travel to an aquarium and the seaside and get some really nice photos.
So, how am I going to incorporate my photographs? Well I'm going to have a go a cutting them up, and blending them in with other sea imagery  to create interesting underwater scenes. Im not sure how developed the narrative has to be, wether a theme of 'appearances can be deceptive' exploring the different dangers is enough, or wether there has to be more of an obvious story involving different characters. Either way, I want it to be more involved and challenging to the viewer. 

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