Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Zine - Deadly Sea Creatures

To go with my "Appearances can be deceiving" sea theme, I have researched into deadly sea creatures that not everyone is aware of. I am planning on blending them into my photos... either by adding to them with paint, collage, etc; or by taking away parts with papercut. I have therefore looked at each photo and matched it with specific deadly sea creatures that resemble the colours, shapes, etc.

For the first photo we have the pufferfish, due to the colours and spiky shapes from the branch:

For this photo, the box jellyfish, due to is transparenty blue colour and spikey tentacles, like the branches and sky:

For this photo, the Blue Ring Octopus, Due to the yellowy patches of colour and blue tones...

The Sea Snake, due to the yellow and black stripy lines at the bottom of the photo:

The Sea urchin, or flower urchin, mainly because of the round ball in the photo:

And finally, The stonefish, due the the speckled colour and texture in the foliage. It looks like the stonefish can camouflage in anywhere, so it should be easy to add him into some trees :

I want the lighthearted, dreamy feel of the polaroids to disarm people and make them feel at ease... but to also have these deadly creatures hidden in there. I was thinking about incorporating layering into the zine, possibly with acetate, so that the creatures are half hidden - you are presented with the camouflaged images, then you turn over and see that the animals are in fact deadly, which will add in the narrative. To make this work I might have to present the book so that only one page is viewed at a time, but that is something I can experiment with :)

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