Monday, 14 March 2011

Website Design

At uni we have been given a brief to design a website, here are my roughs inspired by the Dachshund Greetings Cards that I produced last year as I felt the designs were very successful :) I produced a main home page design with links to different parts of the site and outgoing links, and a layout which would be used for the About, Portfolio, Sketchbook and Contact pages. The Portfolio will be split into different sections such as personal work, editorial, etc; and will have a scroll bar along the bottom with thumbnail images which load larger above when clicked. I wanted it to overall look stylish but still be really simple to navigate :) All the other links direct to this blog, my Etsy, Facebook, etc.

I also thought it would be nice to put in a 'Freebies' page, where people can download free (self promotional) things, such as desktop wallpapers, printable greetings cards, and other fun things. 

Oh and my really quick, initial sketches:

Oh and a quick look at some of the layouts other illustrators/artists use.

Charlie Immer - I like the way the website is very clean and easy to read, with the main homepage giving you an instant link to the portfolio:

Jessica Singh (showing the 'Illustration' page) - This layout is very popular= and is similar to the one I wanted for my own website, with the links down the left side bringing up the work on the right with a scroll bar at the bottom. It works well and allows people to easily browse through the different sections of the website :

Nathan DeYoung - I really like this design as not only is it clear and easy to navigate, the main image changes every few seconds already giving you an insight into the artist and his style before even viewing his online portfolio :

James Jean (Showing the 'Work' section of the website) - I think it is nice how his work is arranged by year, as often artists work can change dramatically over the years. I like how his more modern work is pushed forward, so you see it first - I suppose this helps to encourage commissions in newer styles rather than just one popular piece of work created years ago that may not no longer fully reflect the style of the artist... but still it acknowledges the older work.

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