Monday, 21 March 2011

Typography Project

We have ben given a new uni project - to take photos of shapes, objects, and landscapes around us, and use one object or image to create a complete font. I took a lot of photos on my phone around the studio and campus, although the one that really stood out to me was of my new shoes:

Mainly because they were fantastic until I was about 1 minute away from uni and then they decided to peel the skin off my ankles. Urgh. So basically I had to walk round barefoot all day or in a crippled hobble. 

Anyway, this got me thinking about the concept behind the typography... people putting fashion over function, and making themselves try to look lovely even though they can't even walk (myself included there haha) My friend had the idea that I should do a second alphabet to accompany it, made out of plasters haha! Anyway, I still have to decide on how to work in the concept, wether it is another accompanying alphabet or just 'My feet are bleeding' made up out of my shoe alphabet. I want the alphabet to be made up of heeled shoes though, the sort that really hurt to wear... no trainers and flats!

While in uni I had a go at creating letters with my shoes, some were more difficult than others...










I think some look good, although some were impossible to do... like D. However I plan on producing the final alphabet in pen/paint/other kind mixed media, so that I can slightly change the shape, or alter the position on the laces in order to make them look more like the letters.

Anyway, I had a look at existing shoe typography, or that which incorporates a shoe theme:

I think this is lovely, and I like the theme of 'obsession' - I wonder if these are all someones collection?
Dealing with fashion, although in a positive way
This is great, the collage mixed with photoshop makes it feel nice and handmade but modern
Oh and a quick look at some of Pomme Chan's typography... I really love her hand drawn text and find it very inspirational - its difficult to be able to 'use text as image' :)

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