Sunday, 27 March 2011

They Want Blood

Its here! My hand drawn font, made up of lots and lots of black and white Brogues. 

I'm really pleased with how it turned out, the worst part was all the scanning and resizing. It took quite a while to draw out but I started off early in the week and managed to space it out, so that I didn't get bored drawing out a million shoes :) I also decided on a phrase to show my concept:

I prefer the top version, I think the emphasis on 'blood' makes the phrase stronger. I also created a variant 'O' for Blood so that it wasn't too repetitive. 

Oh and for anyone who hasn't read my previous posts, this type was inspired by my shoes (pictured) that murdered my feet when I wore them last week. It is about people (myself included) who put up with pain for fashion, but don't really mind. I don't think I even own a pair of trainers haha. Anyway I wanted it to be a little ambiguous to add a bit of mystery, but also make it feel more 'brutal' - for lack of a better word. As after all some people put themselves through a lot to look good, fashion can be brutal. 

I spoke to ne of my tutors early last week, and he said that he felt the shoes looked a bit too comfy, and I should vary the shoes more and go for more extreme examples to get my concept across more. I went home and printed off a million images of shoes and had a go at collaging them into letters and working into them, but it just completely failed. I realised you can't create very many letters with a shoe silhouette (which is needed to show the heel height, and therefore the pain) that is unless you do something like this :

Which I didn't really want to do, not that there is anything wrong with it but I just feel that you could do that sort of thing with any object, so its not really that challenging. To create the alphabet I had to rely heavily on birds eye views and the laces to form many of the letters, although many shoes look the same from above and don't work as well as something with a simple pattern, like my brogues... so I was back to my initial idea. I came to this conclusion on Wednesday, and went into uni on Thursday to talk to my tutors, although I was in uni for 2 hours and no one turned up so I just went home and went with my initial idea. ANYWAY I'm really pleased with how my idea and typography turned out, and I think it gets the concept across.

EDIT : I forgot to mention about the Target Audience of my type. I felt it would most appeal to approximately 15-30 year olds, who are into fashion and/or art. I wanted it to have a serious concept, but be a little 'light hearted' - I felt it would not change anyones mind about fashion, but rather people would see it and laugh and think "yeah thats me". I could most likely see it being used in an editorial way such as accompanying an article about shoes or fashion in general, or in a fashion boutique more to show a 'commitment' that the brand or buyers have to fashion, which people would be proud of.

Oh and I also had a go last week at creating an accompanying font out of plasters... I was going to put it together using photography as a little experiment although when sorting out my photos I realized halfway through the lighting dramatically changed, making it look weird (shouldn't have had that tea break halfway through shooting)

It looks a little rank haha. If I have time I might complete it and draw the whole alphabet out, to blend in with my shoes one better. Although I'm not too worried as I am happy with how my Shoes Type has turned out, and from the feedback I have had so far it seems to be getting my concept across well on its own.

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