Monday, 28 March 2011

Self Initiated Project

I was given a new project at uni today... well, sort of. Its a self initiated project, so we haven't exactly been given a brief. I'm still a little unsure about the topic I'm going to choose, but I think I might do something exploring the controversy around Fur and Taxidermy (and therefore death and the fragility of life), which may possibly also briefly look at Hunting and Vegetarianism. Why? Well I find it quite an interesting topic and there are many strong views around it, and it always seems to be a current topic.

So I'm going to start by looking for work inspired around this subject:

Cardboard Taxidermy by Cardboard Safari:

These come flat-packed, with instructions so you assemble them yourself. I love how stylish and contemporary they are... something modern for your home which is also kinda an activity. They could be a comment about hunting, although as they are all recyclable I assume the designers main aim was create a decoration that was eco-friendly. 

Cat Skull Fascinator by Death Glam Couture:
I have seen a lot of artists and designers doing this sort of thing in the past few years, ie. using animal bones and skulls in jewellery, and finding a beauty in something dead. However again I feel that many people are doing this more because they feel that it is cool, and for a more commercial use than making a serious artistic statement - I don't mean for that to sound as pretentious as it really does, as I feel there is nothing wrong with it, only it belongs in a boutique and fashion mags rather than the Tate.

Of course, all this brings me to "the most expensive piece of contemporary art ever created" and a couple of other pieces by Damien Hirst:

And the works of Elizabeth Mcgrath:

Angela Singer:

Polly Morgan:

I love the way the animals aren't shown in their natural habitat... allowing them to seem unique and beautiful rather than something disgusting and dead. All the animals she uses have died from natural or unpreventable deaths, and I feel the way she presents them celebrates the animals life rather than highlighting the death.

Im still unsure of what form my final outcome will take, although that will come after I have done more research. I might just focus on a particular area of the topic, or just death as a general theme. I think I'm going to have to do a few gallery and museum visits first to inform my ideas a little further... 

And with that I will leave you with this image:


Toria Mcfuckpants said...

It's all so beautiful :O

Emma Black said...

I agree, I wish I had some of that work decorating my home! :)

daniel said...

There's new art work on the Angela Singer page

Emma Black said...

Thats fantastic, thanks a lot :)

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