Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Jillian Tamaki

I love buying and collecting books, and I'm always interested in lovely design and covers... Jillian Tamaki's Designs for Penguin Classics are no exception. I have just seen these on her blog and had to share them, despite being gorgeous and probably requiring a lot of time and love, I think the medium is really interesting and creates a lovely delicate feel, as well as complimenting the fact that the books are from the 'classics' series. 

I think my favourite has to be the Black Beauty cover, I love the movement in it and the way the embroidery gives such texture to the mane and tail. And look - even the cute little Penguin logo has been embroidered!

From reading her Blog the story is that she created her "Monster Quilt" a while ago and said she wouldn't take on any commissions in embroidery unless it was for Penguin Classics - and that is exactly what she got! All I can say is I'm very happy they did commission her.

The "Monster Quilt"

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