Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Crufts Dog show

I went to Crufts last weekend with my doggies (Dita came second!) and while I was there I bought the cutest ever antique photograph. It was taken in 1860, so its over 150 years old :o

Aww! Look at that cute puppy. I always think its so nice looking back at old photos, wondering who the people were and in this case the little puppy as well. The gentleman that I bought this off also had a few others, including a really lovely portrait of just a dachshund on his own - I always think that back then photos were much more expensive, so someone must have really loved that little dog to have a professional portrait done of him.

As usual this meant I had a really hectic weekend, although I did have time to sit down Saturday evening when I got home and do a few sketches of the dogs toasting themselves in front of the fire :)

These were done in my thin Moleskines (the ones that come two in a packet) rather than the normal sketchbooks. The paper is a lot thinner meaning the drawings show through to other pages, and the paper doesn't take pencil as well... still, they are  lot cheaper than normal sketchbooks so I guess that is what you can expect! 

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