Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Sneaky look at my Ziggy illustration.

Progress shot! This is only about a third of the final illustration, and I still have lots more layers to add in, as well as the text. But I'm really pleased with how its looking so far!

I'm working with it 4000 pixels high, as when I scanned my images in at 600dpi that seemed the most appropriate, although its already 35000 pixels long and takes forever to load and save, oh dear! I'm probably going to have to eventually split it up into three when handling it at full size. 

Thank god for my Macbook Pro, I remember before I had it and I had to use my PC for my art, it couldn't even handle photoshop and itunes without freezing up and that was when the PC was still top of the range. My Macbook Pro can hold big ass photoshop files, scan in images, spotify and safari all at the same time happily. Hoorah! In your face PC!

Anyway, the illustration is made up of mainly ink/gouache paintings and drawings, with a nice bit of white gel pen on black paper :) I also bought some white monoprinting ink which turns out nice on black paper, I have to define some of the lines a bit but they fit in very well and create lovely soft, dreamy images.

Like Alexander said, the white ink makes the images look all nice and starry, like Ziggy is part of the sky :)

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