Monday, 24 January 2011

Ziggy Products

Some awesome Ziggy Stardust products and related images found on the internet...

Ray Gun artwork by Terry Pasto, from the sleeve of the Album I believe.
The Record - it looks so stylish and retro!

I love that logo
Now you too can become Ziggy!
I like the idea of doing something other than just the banner-ish image for the anniversary cd, maybe to accompany it or sold separately, that again is interactive with its audience and expands the story further. 

Its strange I found that mask, as I had an idea to do something similar in the back of my head... I think in a way its very creepy. From the story I get a feeling of alienation and loneliness with Ziggy - the world is about to end and he is their messiah so they cling to him as their only hope, but the fans destroy him and use him and in the end he is pulled to pieces by The Infinities (the ones who gave him his prophecy in the first place). In a way this mask makes him disposable, like in the story the fans didn't care who it was it was giving them a message of hope, just as long as they had something to believe in. 

The interpretations that I have read say that The Infinities speak to Ziggy in a dream (although 'Starman' speaks of them communicating through his radio) and that they tell him a Messiah will arrive to save the world, as there is only five years left before it is going to end. He waits although no one arrives, so he starts to believe that he is the prophet the people needs, and therefore rises to fame. I have read that it is also his ego that killed him, as in his death was his own fault... but I think this seems harsh as after all he was giving hope to extremely desperate people. Maybe he was the Messiah and all along he was only intended to make the remaining lives of the people happy, and the end of the Earth was inevitable.

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Sophia's Lover said...

Welcome the goddess of the moon and the night,
Bless us with wisdom, bless us with might.
Give us tonight, the power to heal,
The power to release the magick so real.

...thanks!...sweet Lady!

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