Wednesday, 5 January 2011

The One Eyed-Doe

The four pages of my endlessly folding book for "The One Eyed Doe." Page 3 is clearly the best so far, none of them have any text of details as this was all going to be added digitally, however as I don't have access to my graphics tablet I'm being forced just to print it like this, then add it all in by hand. This means the finals will be different and hand painted/collaged, which is quite nice but not really what I was going for :s 

I did try and work without my wacom, although it was impossible. You can still add textures etc, although drawing and colouring is completely out of the question.

I am so ridiculously busy at the moment, I have had nearly three weeks off and all I have done is solidly work on my university work, nothing else. The lack of time for my personal work is a little depressing :( but uni is still the priority.

Its my 21st on Saturday and I am also starting with flu D:
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