Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Inspiration - Diesel Project

So I decided to focus on Bowie for my new university project, and I really like the idea of producing a conceptual book telling the story of the album, but focusing on two of the songs in terms of text and visual metaphors... probably 'Moonage Daydream' and 'Rock n Roll Suicide' as these two explain the rise and fall. 

Although thinking of this idea of 'Rise and Fall' made me think of this fantastic book I bought from Nobrow last year, with the same name although about Dinosaurs. 

The pull out constantina format, with the rise on one side and fall on the other are what popped into my head when I thought about this Bowie book, so I'm not sure if mine would just look like a rip off? :( Also, I would want my book to be fairly colourful as Ziggy Stardust was meant to be psychedelic. Hmm...

This format also reminded of James Jean's Prada illustration, which is absolutely gorgeous. 

Ever since I saw it years ago it has made me want to do something similar (in that sort of elongated, surreal and narrative format) for my personal work. We were told at university to start to focus on our strengths, and I feel mine are working with colour, and conceptual and surreal themes, but also bookbinding... which I really enjoy. I think my Bowie book would work really well, and could either be used in a small format to accompany a special edition of the CD, or as a larger limited edition book sold on its own - which would appeal to original and new fans, but also people who are into art and limited edition books. Also, the illustrations could have multiple uses, and be used as banners and posters at live concerts, or like James Jean's illustrations be used as wallpaper (in music stores) or as fabric designs (for limited edition, anniversary Bowie garments and bags). 

I feel that although the brief required illustration, it wanted more in unconventional application of the illustration as opposed just an interesting image, so producing a book where the images could have multiple uses could work really well. As for the style, well I really like the work of Lauren Albert, especially her alien drawings which have a nice psychedelic feel, without being dated. 

The stylisation, bright use of colour, speech bubbles and mix of beauty/grotesque are all things I have been using in my own work recently, so I think this should tie in very well and end up very 'me'.  Also, I want my work to flow really well, to tell a story but have distinct sections and an overall narrative. 

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