Friday, 10 December 2010

Too Fast Designs

I was Contacted by Too Fast saying that they needed new designs for their hot shorts, so I came up with several ideas for themes and created some mood boards to send over to them. They really liked two of the three ideas and decided to run with them, and in the end bought 8 of my designs... 4 main back designs and 4 smaller motifs for the front. They just wanted the linework, which meant all in all it was completed in two days! A sneak preview of two designs, and a motif at the bottom:

(Im only showing a few as these as they were commissioned and are incomplete, the printed versions will be coloured) Obviously I wanted to go for a classic tattoo inspired feel, which was lovely and refreshing. A lot of my older work used to have this sort of feel, and I find it really easy to draw up, it was nice going back to it :)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

really nice designs
great work! can't believe you just completed them in two days!

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