Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Wall Displays

Since seeing Ida Pearle's cards beautifully displayed on walls, it got me thinking about different ways my own origami cards could be displayed, in order to turn them into gorgeous home decorations as well as lovely greetings cards! Also, originally I was thinking about just photographing my products against a plain white background, but seeing the photos that accompanied Pearle's cards made me realise I need to think about the setting more, and display them in interesting ways to inspire buyers :)

A few lovely wall displays and ideas : (not all of them relevant, but still fantastic!)

Photo of the apartment of Photo Stylist and Filmmaker Jeffery Moss. They turn the walls into 3D installations, filled with vintage and antique finds.

Chewing gum - gross, but cool.
Vertical Gardens! Beautiful artwork composed of plants :)

Close up of the garden

Packing tape
Screen made out of masking tape

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