Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Ida Pearle

While researching into existing greeting cards I somehow wandered onto the website of Ida Pearle who has a really lovely selection of alphabet cards. 

I feel they are quite similar to what I want to achieve with my cards, in that both are educational (whereas Pearle's are to educate children about the alphabet, mine are to educate people about dachshunds and their care), and both are a collection of cards made up of different designs. I really like the fact that hers are being sold as a set, and that she has photos of them being displayed on the wall of a nursery... so that they are not just cards, but beautiful decorations. 

I think I may have a go at displaying my own ones in such a way, although I will be selling them individually as I feel my audience won't want to buy a complete set. Plus, I know I can't produce my own cards to be as much of a bargain as Pearle's (just $44 for a set of 26 lovely cards!) meaning they will be more pricey, so people will probably just buy 1 or 2 - although hopefully they will fall in love and buy lots! :)

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