Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Helen Musselwhite

While researching into my reinventing illustration project (where I'm focusing on Dachshunds) I came across the work of Helen Musselwhite. I think her papercut technique is fabulous, I love the way she rearranges them to create mini scenes and sculptures with real depth. Although Im not really using papercut in my project, as I feel it would be too time consuming to produce the products by hand, I think something like this would look gorgeous as a one off display stand for my cards.

You can see more of her work Here

As I pretty much have my origami cards sorted (I hope to have all the designs and fittings done by the end of the week, with just the printing to do) I realised I have 3 options:
1. Develop my other card ideas to create a whole range.
2. Go back to my original idea of creating a whole range of products, so work on designing other items.
3. Develop a display for my cards, which I can use to sell them at the Dachshund Club show later this month.

I really like the third idea, and as I said I think a really nice, sculptural display would really bring the cards alive, possibly including some origami doggies :) 

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