Sunday, 21 November 2010

The Dachshund Club

I went to The Dachshund Club Championship Dog Show yesterday and set up a little stall to sell my cards and notebooks! I am on the committee of the club so from each card and notebook sold I donated some of the profits to it :) In total from the sales on the day and my pre-orders I made £134.50 which was lovely! I'm really pleased with how they went down, and I got lots of really nice feedback about my work. 

In total I took 85 products with me - 13 Notebooks and 72 Origami Cards, obviously as the cards were my main product I made more of them, although the notebooks went surprisingly well. It was really helpful in that from this I was able to survey which designs and colours went well, so that I shall know for the future :) And yes, it took forever to make all those cards and notebooks, thanks to Alexander (who was a fantastic screen printing assistant and allowed me to get 100's of prints done) and my mum (who helped me stitch those last few notebooks late friday night!) I also got some stickers printed (which you can see on the books and cards in the photos) saying 100% handmade :)

As for the stall... I presented examples of the products on a raised area in the centre, put the cards in lovely baskets, spread the notebooks out in front, created some little hand drawn signs (rather quickly the night before!) and decorated with a few pleasant cut outs :) Oh, and I also hand screen printed some business cards :) It would have been nice to be able to work on the presentation a little more but as I said the making dominated most of my time.

Overall it was a lovely day :) Apart from having to get up at 5.30am!

(The photos were taken halfway through the day, and quite a few of the notebooks had gone making the front look a little tiny bit empty) I also had plans to take some product photos while I was home with one of my dogs in the shot, although I was so rushed I didn't have the time :( but I will get some eventually. Possibly with my little cutey Charles:


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