Monday, 29 November 2010

Two Fantastic Digital Artists

I thought it might be nice to post a couple of my current favourite digital artists. Both have a lovely digital collage feel with their work, with interesting imagery, textures and colour combinations. I find their work very inspiring, particularly with my printmaking where I am focusing on creating digital collages with my prints :)

Jessica Singh


Printmaking Sketchbook

 A few scans of drawings and plans from my printmaking project, ie. The One-Eyed Doe. As I want my work to be really layered, I find it best to work into my drawings with different coloured pens, otherwise they become way too messy and difficult to understand. My book is full of drawings, developing different ideas and concepts, but these are a few of my favs :)

 As my digital collages so far have surprisingly not taken very long, (about an evening each, and the final piece only requires 4) I estimate that when it comes to creating my final piece it won't take very long. Also, as the piece will be assembled in photoshop then digitally printed off, I will easily be able to construct the pages of the twist book and produce several copies :) I already have each page planned out, so I know how to assemble the final on photoshop ready to be printed, which means I can spend a little bit longer on thoroughly developing all my concepts and ideas. Also, as I have several plans for each page that I really like, I am tempted to create two different copies, one portraying the death in a softer light and that it is a natural thing, while the other is harsh filled with sadness and despair for the doe... so that the viewer can choose which they like better depending on their own view towards death, meaning the piece will be more personal to its audience. All I need now is to produce a few more prints (etchings and monoprints, as shadows and moods you can create with these processes work very well) then I can start on the final pieces. I didn't go into the studio last week as I was feeling really ill and only got a few hours sleep the night before. I have been feeling quite sickly on and off for the past week, although a lot of people I have spoken to have been sickly as well so I think it is probably a bug going round :( Thankfully, I can still produce my digital collages from my bed, so I won't fall behind :)

Saturday, 27 November 2010

My illustration in Companion Dog World

Just a quick photo of my ringcraft illustration in the newspaper Companion Dog World! Oooo!

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Three Etchings

Three absolutely tiny etchings, of the three main themes in The One-Eyed Doe.

Mortality, Death, Blindness


I haven't worked digitally in years, im kinda rusty. But getting there. 

(Digitally reworked Monoprint)

Monday, 22 November 2010

Kako Ueda

Another artist who has inspired my printmaking.

Elsa Mora

Loving these right now, even though I am not using papercut for my printmaking project, I find her style very inspirational and similar to the look I am going for :)

Sunday, 21 November 2010

The Dachshund Club

I went to The Dachshund Club Championship Dog Show yesterday and set up a little stall to sell my cards and notebooks! I am on the committee of the club so from each card and notebook sold I donated some of the profits to it :) In total from the sales on the day and my pre-orders I made £134.50 which was lovely! I'm really pleased with how they went down, and I got lots of really nice feedback about my work. 

In total I took 85 products with me - 13 Notebooks and 72 Origami Cards, obviously as the cards were my main product I made more of them, although the notebooks went surprisingly well. It was really helpful in that from this I was able to survey which designs and colours went well, so that I shall know for the future :) And yes, it took forever to make all those cards and notebooks, thanks to Alexander (who was a fantastic screen printing assistant and allowed me to get 100's of prints done) and my mum (who helped me stitch those last few notebooks late friday night!) I also got some stickers printed (which you can see on the books and cards in the photos) saying 100% handmade :)

As for the stall... I presented examples of the products on a raised area in the centre, put the cards in lovely baskets, spread the notebooks out in front, created some little hand drawn signs (rather quickly the night before!) and decorated with a few pleasant cut outs :) Oh, and I also hand screen printed some business cards :) It would have been nice to be able to work on the presentation a little more but as I said the making dominated most of my time.

Overall it was a lovely day :) Apart from having to get up at 5.30am!

(The photos were taken halfway through the day, and quite a few of the notebooks had gone making the front look a little tiny bit empty) I also had plans to take some product photos while I was home with one of my dogs in the shot, although I was so rushed I didn't have the time :( but I will get some eventually. Possibly with my little cutey Charles:


Thursday, 18 November 2010

The Cards are finished!

 59 fully completed so far, and still going strong! :D

Saturday, 13 November 2010

A few more card designs...

Two more designs, on teeth and nails! Im quite pleased with them, and went into the studio a couple of days ago to do some test prints which turned out great. I have most of the printing done now, I just have to do the inner leaves and envelopes - below are a few envelope designs, with images to be printed in the corners and dotted lines to frame them. The dotted lines didn't come out very clearly, so I blocked them off on the screens so that the envelopes will just have the dog or paw :)

Some absolutely gorgeous prints

I was looking on the website at some of the printwork submitted, as that was how I discovered the work of Tom Bennet. I found a few other really lovely pieces on there at are definately worth a mention and are very inspiring :)

"honeybee linocut" by "lostsoulx44"
"Monoprint" by "Deloscampos"
"Blood Shark" by "bigredsharks"
"Silence is Golden" by "dimovskas"
"wtch" by "plutonia"
"blaaaine" by "plutonia"

"wild woman dry point" by "Kaelycea"
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