Saturday, 30 October 2010

Two Dachshund Designs

Two Positives created for my Dachshund Project, which will be used on my origami greetings cards. 

My main inspiration I feel so far has been the work of Jonny Hannah. I initially looked at his work as I really liked his use of typography and the interesting compositions and shapes he uses, although I really fell in love with this one image below. 
I feel it isn't typical of his style, as from my limited knowledge of his work he generally seems to focus more on colour, but I just loved the white on black look. I had a go at scanning in my drawings and reversing them, but it just doesn't give the same feel as working on black with white ink or pens. Thats why with my positives I worked directly onto acetate with paint, so that I could get that white on black look by scratching at it, but also be able to edit the images by rubbing the paint off or painting over certain bits... which I would be unable to do if I was working on black paper.

The cards are going to have wrap around designs... so the right side of the images is the front and the left is the back. They are all going to have educational messages about dog care and/or the breed standard, combined with appealing contemporary imagery. I created these designs in the last week and went in and prepared a screen with them... so on Monday I can go straight into the studio and start printing.

I also went to the Paper Mill Shop today and bought a crazy amount of different coloured paper to experiment with, including some really tasty metallic glittery card. Yum! It really helps having all the different colours in front of me, so that I can select some really nice schemes for the card, inner leaf and envelope. As each design is going to be limited edition then I think it will be nice to do them on really special papers, each design with different colours. I was also thinking about envelopes - I have created some mock ups testing out different styles but still need to fully explore them. I was wondering wether to make each one, or buy them? Would it ruin the handmade feel with shop bought envelopes? Only it would save a lot of time to concentrate on other products. I still have to decide :s I know though that I definately want to print onto the envelopes, to make them special as well, wether they are shop bought or hand made.

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