Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Printmaking Inspiration

I came across the work of Sarah Amos while researching different artists for a project I am working at the moment, for my printmaking pathway at uni. I find her work really interesting due to her mixed media approach to print, which I want to experiment with in my own project, and her use of layering which is something I love to use in my own personal work anyway, in order to create really complex and detailed pieces :) This, combined with the expressive, abstract, patterning make them irresistable!

"Broken Hill Mungar" 39 x 59 in, Collagraph with Mixed Media, 2007

"Black Viker" 78 x 79 cm ft, Etching and Hand Drawing, 2009

"Red Tree" 15 x 39, Collagraph with Mixed Media, 2006

Go and have a much on some more of her work here

To sum the project up, I have to take an Aesop's Fable and produce a folding book of the story - I have chosen "The One-Eyed Doe" as I loved the sadness and emotion in it, I felt this was something I could really play with. I'm still unsure how to present the book, but I think I might just do a standard binding as I really want to focus more on the imagery and printmaking.

For those of you unfamiliar with the story you can read it here

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