Sunday, 24 October 2010

Doe Skull

(Bad) Photo of one of my four etchings of a Does Skull, that I produced last week - you can't really tell from the photos but it is only quite tiny, aww. The whole of the plate had a picture on it, but I decided to selectively ink up the plate and rub it off to focus on just the skull. I really like this technique and I think it has taught me how to add more drama and mood into my etchings.

This week I was only in the studio for an hour as I had to go home to go to the Dentist, thanks to my filling being crap and needing to be replaced. I did however pay for a lovely new white one, so now it doesn't even look like I have a filling :D So I didn't have time to really do any prints, only just chat with my tutor about my project. 

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