Sunday, 15 August 2010

Illustrations for DOG WORLD

From uploading the first hand sketches of my dogs (see previous post) to my FB page, I was contacted by the Assistant Editor of the prestigious DOG WORLD to produce some illustrations for them for their brand new newspaper coming out soon! I was tol they wanted something to accompany an article about dog showing, so a fairly nice and open brief :)

I decided to go for a very simplified pen and ink approach, focusing on the dogs themselves rather than on the surroundings... much like a judge would do when assessing them in the ring. Both are done from my own reference photographs, took either as studio portraits or snaps out at shows. I also submitted another illustration, although I feel (unlike these two) it is not my best work.


Mellinda said...

Emma, i love your dog paintings and drawings, they're so beautifully done, are these the ones for the newspaper/magazine??

Emma Black said...

Thanks a lot! :D Yeah they are for Dog World's new newspaper coming out next month, "Companion Dog World" :)

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